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Building Strong Young
Bodies And Minds

Fitness2Focus has been created as a fun fitness and mindfulness program . It is specifically scheduled as a morning fitness program , this is when children have an excess of energy to expend. The program aims to develop and sharpen children’s ability to focus in the classroom on their daily tasks. With children leading more sedentary, high tech lifestyles, many are now facing higher levels of obesity ,anxiety ,depression, body image problems, high sugar diets and low self esteem.


Fitness2Focus works on the principle of teaching children the importance of a life long commitment to regular exercise for both the mind and body. By developing their skills in functional fitness and mindfulness at an early age ,children will develop over time ,proper form, increased physical strength and mental agility. Skills vital as they grow into healthy adults able to take on all the challenges life has to offer.


Fitness2Focus combines the best medically and holistically proven techniques into a fun packed 40 minute program that helps get children ready to relax, focus and learn.




Building Strong Bodies and Minds

Breath work

  • Decreases anxiety
  • Slows heart rate
  • Encourages happiness
  • Connects mind and body
  • Sharpens the ability to
Kids Fitness Program

Dynamic Stretch

  • Prevents injury
  • Maintains flexibility into adulthood
  • Builds agility
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Improved joint and range of motion
  • Increased blood flow to muscles including the brain
stretch warm up for kids
high intensity training program

High Intensity Training

  • Building a strong connection with oneself.
  • Learning and mastering new skills.
  • Making new friendships
  • Connects mind and body
  • Liking our bodies and minds
meditation for kids


  • Improves memory and concentration
  • Increased confidence and self esteem
  • Improved sense of worth
  • More positive body image
  • Greater creativity
  • Feeling of calm and peacefulness

Why Choose Fitness2Focus?

Fitness2Focus combines the best fitness and mindfulness principles in an easy fun program to maximise children’s physical and
intellectual potential in a positively charged atmosphere!

Children will gain understanding in mindfulness and learn proper form in fitness, gaining strength, flexibility and overall wellbeing.
The aim is to learn new skills while having maximum fun.

Active Kids
Inspiring Music
Inspiring Music
Easy Moves
Easy Moves
High Energy
High Energy
Kindness, love and Gratitude Principles
Kindness, love and
Gratitude Principles
Give your child the gift of
Health and Happiness!
Enjoy a complimentary lesson and get hooked on the Fitness2Focus program! Lessons start as little as $10 a class for term packages. Email us for more details
Pricing Chart
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Pricing Chart
Choose Your Package

6 week X 2

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Minimum of 10 children

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10 week x 2

Session Per Week

Minimum of 10 children

Payment options

8 week X 2

Session Per Week

Minimum of 10 children

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    Tanya Bianchi

    The Creator Of Fitness2Focus

    Tanya Bianchi left her creative corporate life and moved with her family to the beautiful Central Coast of NSW to raise her children in a slower paced, more community minded environment. Having a passion for helping children reach their full potential, Tanya went on to attain a Certificate 3 as a Teachers Support worker, a Certificate 4 in fitness training and nutrition and also has an international certification in specialised teaching of children’s yoga.


    Tanya taught and helped only government funded children in need of extra educational support at numerous primary schools but realised that many other children, that had great potential, also needed help. These children could not easily focus on the task at hand thus falling behind in their education and losing confidence in their own ability to learn.


    These children were bright and clever but full of nervous energy, many having low self-esteem. They were constantly getting easily distracted and losing focus in the classroom especially first thing in the morning.


    Tanya decided to create a morning fitness and mindfulness program addressing both the need to expend youthful energy and develop mental focus.

    Tanya Bianchi


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