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Empowering Kids Fitness Program
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Fitness2Focus the ultimate 40-minute children’s fitness program combining the best proven methods and strategies in fitness, mindfulness and nutritional guidance. F2F program promises to empower, inspire and create lifelong learning strategies in health, fitness and mental agility. Leaving no child behind, embracing all social dimensions, cultures and individual needs.


Our aim is to help develop and create a happy well-rounded child able to face life’s physical and intellectual challenges with inner strength and confidence.


Fitness2Focus provides children from the ages of 2-12 years old, the opportunity to develop their physical and intellectual skills. Building confidence and enhancing their educational opportunities.


Critical to the program is that it takes place in the morning when children are bursting with energy, at the pre-school or on school premises, providing a safe and familiar environment for the children while stimulating and focusing each child ready for the days educational learning ahead.

The Program

Fitness2Focus is centred around a 2–3-day 40-minute fitness and mindfulness program using a combination of the best medically proven fitness and mindfulness principles available. Each of the days will offer the children a variety of inspiring, fun highly energized activities starting with breath work and dynamic stretching then powering into functional training, interval training, dance and stretch and finally relaxing into a 5-minute meditation.
Fitness2Focus Program
Will help children
  • Learn foundational functional fitness skills
  • Develop teamwork and connectedness through group and team play
  • Build motor skill
  • Help release stress and anxiety
  • Encourage a healthy balanced attitude
  • Increase mental focus and mental agility
  • Hand eye coordination
  • Develop rhythm and music appreciation
Kids Fitness Program
Kids Fitness Program

Fitness2Focus main objective is not only to improve the physical health and well being of children in all communities but just as importantly to improve children’s behaviour and academic focus.


With the increasing statistics of child obesity and the depleting attention span of children due to excessive amounts of online activities combined with a more sedentary lifestyle Fitness2Focus offers a combination of vital skills that when taught in a fun and creative environment will set up a child with skills that can take them into their adult lives.

Skills Include
  • Confidence and self-esteem building
  • Increase in mental focus and mental agility
  • Building gross motor skills
  • Encourage a healthy balanced attitude
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Encourage friendship and connectiveness and kindness
  • Develop skills to calm the mind and relax under pressure
  • Develop rhythm and music appreciation
  • Anti-bullying principals